The Fashion District Institute (FDI) team would like to welcome everyone to this newly launched FDI website. There are a number of great features that everyone can look forward to on this site. It will be through this medium that we will be communicating all the exciting activities that will be taking place at the Fashion Kapitol and within the Fashion District at large.


It will also be on this site that we will also be interacting with and updating everyone on the latest news relating to events, fashion, lifestyle, initiatives and many more related topics. So this site will not only be home to both the Fashion District Institute and Fashion Kapitol, but will also act as a platform in which creative minds will come together to- amongst other things- exchange knowledge, share ideas, get inspiration (while also inspiring each other) and learn more about their respective crafts.

The Fashion Kapitol has come to be known as a creative space in which individuals can freely express themselves. It is a modern district square that not only prides itself in being a Fashion and Lifestyle centre, but also the home of Pan African Design. In priding ourselves in the above mentioned, as the FDI, we intend to uphold that reputation by setting an international standard (for the Fashion Kapitol) in which all Africans can take pride in and the rest of the world can relate to. We intend to be the link between the pride we Africans take in our various cultures and the relevance those cultures (can) have within the global community.

The standard that we are referring to can be seen through the shops found at the Fashion Kapitol. It is a standard of the highest quality that we are not willing to compromise. Reason being that in order for a centre such as the Fashion Kapitol to be globally competitive, it needs to have a standard which will allow it to be on the same level as the New York Fashion Avenues of this world. The beauty of the Fashion Kapitol is that the centre is its infancy stage. It can therefore be compared to a little baby who will need direction and guidance to grow. However, as the African proverb read, a child is raised by the entire village. Therefore this is a joint responsibility between all Joburgers. Let us all ‘raise this child’ together. In doing so, we will ensure that the Fashion Kapitol becomes a success, and as a result it can be mentioned with the rest of the reputable fashion districts squares around the world.

Adorned with artworks in the form of colourful oversized beaded takkies, a red comb, satellite dish and sewing machine, the Fashion Kapitol is opened Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm, and on Saturdays between 9am to 2pm. During working days, Joburgers can (during their lunch hours) enjoy the distinctly African dishes from the Fashion Shack. They can also enjoy the best burgers found in the east side of Joburg, along with the famous “Braai Fridays” which of course takes place every Friday. They can do all that while they take a walk around the centre to enjoy the fashion that is provided by the shops in the centre. And on Saturdays, the Fashion Kapitol hosts the “Fashion Kapitol Saturday Fashion Market” in which upcoming fashionistas are given the platform to set up stalls within the Fashion Kapitol courtyard and sell their products. So if you are looking for anything that is Joburg authentic wear, the Fashion Kapitol is the place to be.

Enjoy the site everyone.

– Management

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