fashion district johannesburgThe Fashion Kapitol is more than just a shopping centre. It is a lifestyle. The place is slowly becoming a place where Joburgers can go to, mingle and enjoy great company. It is slowly become the ideal spot where you can find a perfect mix of drinks, great food, arts, music and fashion. It is the ambience created by that mixture is that uniqueness effect which differentiates us from the rest. It is the same uniqueness that has the wow effect in the minds of our first timers.

A large number of people our visitors feel that they can relate to and identify with the lifestyle of the Fashion Kapitol. Fashion designers and models have made it their home, while photographers love using it as a location for their work. The famous graffiti on the wall, by the courtyard, has been known to be background to a lot of selfies. The Fashion Kapitol is therefore a place that truly defines what a young, vibrant, creative and modern Joburger is all about. It is definitely a place where a person can feel free to be him/herself and unapologetic about it.







About the Fashion KapitolThe Fashion Kapitol is a fashion and lifestyle centre that prides itself in promoting and endorsing products and services that of African origin. It is a fashion and lifestyle centre that aims to fuse the African culture with our modern way of living as to clearly depict what it means to be African. Read more

Kapitol Kares

About the Fashion Kapitol Kapitol Kares is a banner used by the Fashion Kapitol to engage in socially responsible initiatives. It was introduced after Fashion Kapitol's Mandela Day initiative in 2012. Read more


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