Fashion Market

Every Saturday, the Fashion Kapitol hosts a fashion market called, “The Saturdays Fashion Market @ the Kapitol”. The Saturdays Fashion Market takes place between 9:30am to 2:30pm. A variety of exciting activities can be enjoyed at the Fashion Market. From delicious food, different forms of arts, good live music and of course fashion. Yes, Joburgers can find a variety of weekend markets across the city, but at the Fashion Kapitol, the Fashion District Institute has gone one better. Rising fashion entrepreneurs are given a platform to set up pop-up stalls every Saturday on the Fashion Kapitol courtyard and trade. They sell anything from tailor made leather bags, belt and sandals to caps, t-shirts, sweaters and different types of fashion accessories. So if you are looking for Joburg authentic wear and vibe, this is a place to find it, accompanied by great entertainment of course.

Fashion Market

The Fashion Kapitol Saturday Fashion Market themes:

1st weekend: Music & Fashion

This theme entails the collaboration of fashion and artist performances
The theme includes live musical performances, dancing, singing, fashion shows and etc.
2nd weekend: Arts & Fashion

This theme entails the collaboration of fashion and different types of Arts
The theme includes live instrumental players, dancing, exhibitions, photography, artists painting/drawing, plays and etc. This theme promotes the Fashion Kapitol space as a creative space.
3rd weekend: Food & Fashion

This theme entails the collaboration of fashion and cooks cooking different dishes and people given the opportunity to taste the dishes. It however also includes a combination of the above mentioned entertainment activities, i.e. live performances.

4th weekend: Fashion & Lifestyle

This theme incorporates all the first three themes and allows people to enjoy theFashion and Lifestyle of the Fashion Kapitol.
The reason to why the weekends are themed is to achieve the following:

(1) Allows people to enjoy all the different aspects that make up the Fashion Kapitol.

(2) Allows the Fashion Kapitol to cater for everyone’s different preferences.

(3) Enables people to know what to look forward to when they come to the Fashion Kapitol.

Music, Arts, Food and Fashion¦ A perfect Lifestyle

*Please note that the themes are subject to change, however the activities of the day will be executed as planned.


If you want to be part of this great platform, kindly download the application form below:



About the Fashion KapitolThe Fashion Kapitol is a fashion and lifestyle centre that prides itself in promoting and endorsing products and services that of African origin. It is a fashion and lifestyle centre that aims to fuse the African culture with our modern way of living as to clearly depict what it means to be African. Read more

Kapitol Kares

About the Fashion Kapitol Kapitol Kares is a banner used by the Fashion Kapitol to engage in socially responsible initiatives. It was introduced after Fashion Kapitol's Mandela Day initiative in 2012. Read more


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